Strongly Disagree
Somewhat Disagree
Somewhat Agree
Strongly Agree
I am organized in labeling and sorting things.
I am experienced with bee keeping.
I find mechanical things to be confusing and intimidating.
I am able to tailor suits and dresses.
I am able to mend rips or tears in clothes.
I have an efficient system doing laundry and folding and putting away clean clothes.
I am knowledgeable and experienced in water systems design and management, including potable, agricultural, and environmental.
I think ahead in order to know which foods to preserve for the winter.
I am creative in the kitchen and challenge myself to use whatever ingredients are in season or need to be used before expiring.
I am handy with a soldering gun and repairing small appliances.
I am concerned with the comfort of my animals during winter months and am experienced with winterizing the shelters, bedding and feed.
I have never considered how wildlife used to use my land before I got here.
I can do basics like mowing and weeding, or planting some flowers and watering.
I buy what I want when I need it and usually am not worried about the cost.
I let some annual plants go to seed in order to maintain perennial cycles.
I will say it, I find barnyard animals gross...
I would consider planting and maintaining flower beds a waste of my time.
I know how to set up cameras and sensors for weather and wildlife monitoring and security systems.
I am grossed out by insects and bugs
I will pick fruit, but I am not so interested in how it is grown.
I grow plants which can be used for herbal medicine.
I admit that I rarely make my bed in the morning.
I find it overwhelming to cook for a group of people.
I do not have the patience to make food from seed, just give me the finished product.
I am able to protect my gardens from intruders without negatively impacting wildlife.
I am obsessed with composting, vermiculture and processing manure.
I understand and accept the responsibility of preparing nutritious and delicious food for others.
I am knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of landscape design and maintenance (permaculture or traditional).
I extend the growing season by using cold frames, high tunnels, and greenhouses.
I value a clean living space and I am regularly cleaning and tidying up.
I am knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of modern sustainable forestry, including fire management and reduction strategies.
I am experienced operating and maintaining heavy equipment.
I can run heavy forestry equipment, fell trees, and run a chainsaw mill.
I use techniques like overwintering crops to have an early harvest in the spring.
I can identify roots, leaves, flowers and berries with medicinal properties.
I am able to sew or knit quilts.
I am experienced in setting up and maintaining photovoltaic systems.
I am always thinking about what I can plant to attract more bees, butterflies and hummingbirds
I regularly check expiration dates to ensure items are used before they expire.
I am skilled in most kitchen appliances and can multitask well.
I am experienced with natural methods for keeping healthy flocks through disease identification, prevention and management
I am involved in seed regeneration programs; saving and sharing heirloom seeds.
I can clear a spring box or run drip irrigation.
I know how to properly clean, sharpen and repair tools.
I usually do not know I need to resupply until I see it ran out.
I am able to assess soil health using a microscope analyzing microbe levels & diversity.
I am familiar with the various pH levels of foods and know if to use boiling water bath or pressure canner.
I harvest veggies, once they have fully ripened, only in the early morning.
I am experienced in plumbing or electrical wiring.
I have no idea how to troubleshoot if the lights do not turn on or if no water comes out of the faucet.
I get great satisfaction by drying, canning and storing food away for the winter.
I know how to stretch a small budget and seek out great deals.
I can feel overwhelmed trying to figure out my smartphone.
I attempt to minimize waste wherever possible, especially in purchasing decisions.
I am not the person you call if something around the house leaks or squeaks.
I always have an eye out for free stuff as long as it's good quality! You never know when it will become useful.
I am experienced with training, pruning and grafting trees in the orchard.
I know the building codes in my area and the process to get building permits.
I am conscious of creating habitats for beneficial insects.
I never seem to know when a fruit is ripe to pick.
I reuse, recycle, and compost what I can.
I am not sure what medicinal qualities plants and berries have.
I am dedicated to quality soil and use best practices for adding compost and mulch.
I am experienced in wildlife eviction and exclusion strategies for humanely and effectively solving wildlife conflicts.
I am skilled at transplanting, thinning, watering and caring for the garden.
I gather and analyze data on what utilities or resources were consumed to forecast future needs and budgets.
I can buck up a tree or at least split firewood.
I am environmentally conscious, experienced in developing & managing near-zero waste systems, & actively work to educate others about the hazards of residential, agricultural, and industrial
I could never dig through the trash no matter what I was looking for.
I am experienced with non-toxic forms of pest control on fruit trees.
I value beauty in my surroundings and will go the extra mile to keep my yard looking like a park.
I am an architect, engineer, licensed contractor, or other related equivalent.
I would rather buy preserved food from the store as preserving it myself takes too much time.
I am generally intimidated by a chainsaw or wood chipper.
I am knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of wildlife management.
I actively barter fairly for goods and services and am successful at making good community relationships in the process.
I obsessed with raising chickens, ducks, goats, sheep and more...
I love growing, harvesting, drying and drinking herbal teas.
I will gladly take on the challenge of removing even the toughest spots/stains.
I can work on small engines or mechanical appliances.
I have built sheds and small outbuildings.
I do not think I have ever used a needle and thread.
I am experienced with orchard pollination and crop load management.
I never stopped to think about what organisms are in the soil.